KCM 30-6-2024 Bergschenhoek

Datum: 30 juni 2024
Show: KCM ECSCN te Bergschenhoek

Keurmeester: Mevr. Elaine Thomas (GB)

Inschrijvingen: 46,  1 absent

Reuen Jongste Puppyklas
1 VB Surprise Sieb ’t Hollandsdiep C. Daae Beste Jongste Pup
  Very balanced in head with good mouth. Plenty of width to his muzzle. Developing nicely in front. Would like a little more bone for his size. Shoulders well placed with nice angulations to the rear. Moves really well with a happy nature. Keeping good distance between front en hind legs.
Reuen Puppyklas
1 VB White Maple Cross Unexpected Wonder M. v.d. Meeren  
  Really like his head. Very balanced, lovely muzzle, not too much. Would prefer fuller eye. Plenty of hart room. Enough bone. Good feet. Nice front assembly. Plenty of muscle to his thigh., Lovely condition. Would like him a little bit shorter in loin. Good tailset. Really good movement with good tail carriage. Lovely nature, typical of the breed.
Reuen Jeugdklas
1 U Ringo z Vejminku G. van Empel  
  Lovely head, lovely shape to the eye. Excellent forechest with really good bone. Very good feet. I like this dog very much because he is moderate all over. Strong neck. Really good upperarm. Correct shoulders. Really good ribs with tight fitting elbows. Good width to the loin. Perfect well made very strong thighs. Strong short hocks. Well set tail. Correct angulations behind in harmony with front. Moves steady with good side gait with enough width between front and hind legs. Uses his tail but would like a little more animation.
2 U West Ham vom Moorsbachtal A. Huc  
  Top size dog. Enough stop. Nice head. A bit too much muzzle. Would prefer tighter front. Everything is in proportion to his size. A lot of bone with good feet. Strong neck. Shoulders are ok. Too heavy for his age. Good strong thighs. A bit high on his hocks. Beautiful coat in excellent condition. Carries his tail too high. Movement is what you would expect from this dog. Moves with strength and purpose. Very happy joyfull attitude.
3 ZG Tu Es La Plus Belle Take-It-Easy A. Honkoop-v. Ommen  
  Really good eye, nice shape. Good muzzle. Plenty of depth. Enough stop. Would like more width to his front and a better lay of shoulder, this would affect his front movement. Moderate angulation to the rear with good thigh muscles. Nice size and square in shape. Beautiful coat in excellent condition. Moved really strongly behind with plenty of drive. Topline is strenghening. Good side gait, still quite loose on the front.
4 ZG YoYo von der Beyenburg E. Halbach-Velija  
  Lovely head with good muzzle and stop for age. Moderate bone. Would like better upperarm. in good condition. Ribs developing well. Would prefer slightly shorter in loin. Nicely angulated rear with correct tailset. Carries his tail very well. Topline ok. Side gait is good. At the moment quite narrow in front which is making his front turning in.
Reuen Tussenklas
1 U Lindridge Shine On Me A. Docter-Mol  
  Lovely head. Good pigment for this coat colour. Moderate width to his muzzle. Nice width to his front. Enugh bone for his size. Would prefer slightly lower shoulder. Good rib and deep chest. Plenty of width to the loin. Nice set of tail. Moderate angulation behind in balance with his front. Strong hocks. Excellent coat. Overall a dog of moderation. Excellent breed type. Good strong rearend with correct width between his hind hocks. Because his lay of shoulder is not sloping enough this efect his frontmovement. Overall a lovely attitude.
Reuen Openklas
1 U John Lennon vom Moorsbachtal A. Huc  
  Beautiful head. Correct stop, perfectly balanced with his muzzle and thight throat. Really good width to his frontchest. Good depth. Excellent bone and feet. Ideal rib for his size. Ribs well back. Correct in loin. Strong all through. In excellent condition. Really good shape to his rear end. Strong good hocks. Well et tail. Excellent presentation of his coat. Really good movement. Strong rear with drives well. Together with a strong front, lovely side gait. Covers the ground and no ease required. Very happy outgoing dog.
2 U Cockergold Shake Before Use G. Klaus  
  A bit overdone in head. Good muzzle. Would prefer tighter throat. Very good bone and feet. Nice width between front legs. Prefer little more lay back of upperarm. Strong neck. Would like a little bit more spring of rib. Strong loin. Good angulation in rear. Excellent strength in thigh. Short hocks. Balanced but would like a little shorter length of body. Strong outgoing dog with sound movement. He does lengthen on the move.
ZG Twinkelbell’s You Rock My World C. Leeuwenburgh  
  Lovely head. Good stop. Nice muzzle. A bit narrow in front. I would like better lay of upperarm. Shoulders a bit high. Excellent ribcage. Good strong loin. Well angulated rear. Strong hocks. Beautiful coat. Would prefer him a bit shorter in back. Lovely outgoing nature. Keeps his topline well. Would like him to drive him more from the rear. Once settled shows a good overall picture.
Note: omdat deze hond te laat was wel een keurverslag maar geen plaatsing.
Reuen Fokkersklas
1 U Nickel and Dimes Ben Nevis `G. van Empel CAC
  Good head, balanced all through. Lovely eye of good shape and colour. Would prefer a thighter neck. Excellent bone and feet. Good lay back of upperarm. Shoulders a little high. Excellent ribcage. Good strong loin. Excellent rear end, good width and very strong. Short strong hocks. Good tailset. Typical breed type. Excellent coat. Giving his handler a hard time. Strong back end with good movement to the rear. A bit high in front due to shoulder placement. Love his personality.
Reuen Kampioensklas
1 U U Believe In Me Aster Bears M. van Guyse-Apers Res. CAC
  Lovely head. Gentle expression. Enough stop. Muzzle in balance to his head. Would prefer tighter throat. Lovely chest. Plenty of depth. Excellent bone and feet. Strong neck. Would prefer better upeprarm and shoulder placement. Nicely angulated rear with strong hocks. Good ribcage. Tight elbows. Good set of tail. Overall very good breed type. Beautifully presented. Really strong movement, using his tail all the time. Very happy outgoing dog. Really strong rear action. Keeping his topline and covering the ground well.
2 U Elmelund’s Candyfloss Rush U. Feldhaus  
  Beautiful head. Lovely eye. Good pigment. Perfectly balanced muzzle. Enough width to his front. Moderate bone. Would like a better lay of upperarm. For his age would expect more strength of body. Good thigh. Moderate angulation. Enogh depth to his body. Would prefer him a bit shorter in back. Movement is really good with correct width between front and hind legs. Correct tail carriage. With a better presentation of his coat and encouragement when moving he would be a very good dog.
3 U Lindridge Formula One A. Docter-Mol  
  Very strong dog. Top size. Gentle expression. Everything in balance with his head. Really strong front. Pleanty of heart room. Good bone and feet. Ragher heavy in build. Good length of rib. Plenty of rear angulation. Good strong hocks. Nice setof taill. Lovely coat. Very steady mover. Keeps his shape on the move. Uses his tail and carries it well. Would prefer more animation.
4 ZG Keep Smiling of Sarina’s Dream M. v.d. Meeren  
  Strong head. Good muzzle and stop. Nice tight throat. Good width to his front and depght of chest. Good bone and feet. Lacking in lay back of shoulder and his upperarm is too high. Strong neck. Good ribcage. Plenty of width to his loin. Rear angulation is very moderate and balance with front. Well set tail. Very short in back. Very happy dog with lovely nature. Although a strong dog, because of shoulder placement and angulation he turns in on the front.
Reuen Veteranenklas
1 U Sierra Blanca’s Easy Going A. van Steenbergen Beste Veteraan
  Lovely head. Good stop. Dark expressive eye. Good strong muzzle. Enough width to his chest. Upperarm and shoulders ok. Enough rib. Would prefer bit more width to his loin. Plenty of rear angulation. In excellent condition for his age. Lovely coat. Really sound mover with super attitude. Credits to his owner.
Teven Jongste Puppyklas
Teven Puppyklas
1 VB Enigma Hill’s Magic Touch G. van Empel Beste Pup
  Head developing. Would prefer tighter throat. Really good chest development. Plenty of bone and good feet. Really good layback of shoulder and upperarm. Very good developed ribcage. Good loin. Good width of thigh. Strong hocks. Good tailset. Lovely coat. Overall excellent breed type. Ideal movement as expected with her good confirmation. Altough she slightly lengthened when moving, when she reaches her optimal height she wioll be perfectly balanced.
2 VB Musta Faith from the Upperhill M.P. Knapper-Kersten  
  Lovely head piece. Very expressive eye. Nice width of front. Excellent bone and feet. Prefer better upperarm and shoulder placement. Short and square very balanced body. Short strong hocks. Enogh angulation behind. Needs to develop in chest and body. Overall a very good breed type. Lovely movement for her age, sound and straight. Very happy outgoing nature. Carrying her tail well and keeping her topline. Excellent breed type.
3 VB So Bootylicious von der Rheinsalix E. Günnemann  
  Feminin girl with good muzzle. Nice tight throat. Chest needs to develop. Enough bone for age. Moderate lay of shoulder and upperarm. Very balanced in body with good rib and loin. Lovely shape to her rear end. Short strong hocks. Nice tail set. Lovely coat. Although lacking courage at the moment she has a strong rear end movement. A bit erratic on her front movement at the moment. Keeps a good topline. Overall an excellent breed type, but needs time.
4 VB Tu Es La Plus Belle You And Me N. Elbertsen  
  Just starting to developin head. A bit narrow across her nose. Tight throat. Enough bone. Good feet. Shoulder assembly too hgih and lacking angulationi upperarm. Balanced in body with good rib. Good width to her loin and depth to her chest. Would prefer better rear angulation, but is balancing with her front. Very happy outgoing baby, keeping a very good topline. Good side gait, covering the ground well. Just needs time to develop.
VB Zita vom Magicircle T. Riek  
  Needs to develop in head. Stop is coming. A bit narrow all though at the moment. Would prefer more bone. Shoulders a bit high. Moderate angulation. Would prefer more rear angulation. Short and sqaure built. Moves sound with balanced action. Very happy and outgoing. Altough she’s a little high at the rear end at the moment that’s quite normal for baby’s.
Teven Jeugdklas
1 U Ascot’s Back To Reality of Royce G. Klaus Beste Jeugdhond
  Well developed head in harmony with muzzle. Would prefer tighter throat. Gentle expression. Nice shaped front and rear and good tailset. Short hocks. Excellent feet. Very good breed type. Moves very sound with good style. Keeping her topine and shape all the time. Excellent breed type.
2 U Nickel and Dimes Free Drop C.C. Wennink  
  Lovely head and muzzle with good stop. Intelligent expression. Excellent bone. Needs to develop in front. Good rib and short in loin. Rear angulation is balanced with front angulation. Short hocks and good tailset. Lovely coat. With a bit more training has the making of a very good bitch. I like her overall balance, everthing is moderatiory. Excellent in breed type.
3 U Tu Es La Plus Belle Hush-Hush N. Elbertsen  
  Lovely balanced head and muzzle. Lovely feminin expression. Good bone and feet. Nice chest development. Would prefer better lay of shoulder and upperarm. Excellent ribcage and plenty of strength in loin. Good thigh. Strong hocks. Very nice breed type. Short strong body. A bit erratic on the move. Strong rear action, just needs to tighten on front. Like her for overall breed type.
4 ZG Red Hope from the Upperhill M.P. Knapper-Kersten  
  Lovely head. Very good eye pigment. Nicey balanced muzzle. Enough width of front for age. Good bone. Shoulders a bit high. For her overall size I would like a bigger ribcage and a bit more width of loin. Really good strong rear end with good width between her hind legs. She needs to develop in body. Overall not a bad type.
ZG Mirabelle du Mas Chanteclerc S. Verschoor  
  Very well developed head. Good muzzle. Developing well in chest. Prefer better upperarm and shoulder placement. Strong neck. Good rib. Prefer shorter in loin. Moderate rear angulation. Moves happily with width between her hind legs. Keeps a good topline.
ZG Yule von der Beyenburg E. Halback-Velija  
  Lovely head. Soft feminin expression. Good stop. Shoulders are high. Chest is developing. Enough rib, balanced with width of loind. Rear angulation balances with front. Good thighs. Very nice attitude when moving. Keeping a good topline. Covers the ground well from the side. Woul prefer better front movement.
Abs. Ascot’s Blue Reflection of Royce G. Klaus  
Teven Tussenklas
1 U Nickel and Dimes Ladyburn G. van Empel  
  Lovel head. Feminin expression. Good width and depth of muzzle. Good tight throat. Well developed forechest. Good bone and feet. Really good upperarm and layback of shoulder. Short and square and very well balanced overall. Good loin and tailset. Nicely anguloated rear and balanced with front. Very well presented. Really lovely type. Moves with attitude showing all her good points. Keeping her topline and covering the ground well. A very typical Cocker.
2 ZG Benthe Elmanita E. Kinnegen  
  For me het head is too heavy for a girl. At the moment quite narrow in front. Enough bone. Shoulders are too high. Good ribcage. Well developed loin. Very strong thigh muscles. Good hocks. Good tailset. Very good movement, with parallel legs. Drives from the rear. Steady movement from the front. Keeps her topline and covers the ground easily. Prefer her to be more feminin.
Teven Openklas
1 U Quaondy’s Time After Time D. Smit  
  Lovely head. Good size for a girl. Plenty of width and depth of chest. Enough bone and tight feet. Excellent ribcage. Good loin. Really strong thighs. Nicely angulated to the rear. Prefer a bit shorter in back. Moves very steady, keeping lovely topline and tail action. Front and rear angulation gives her strength. Would like to see her a small fracion smaller overall.
2 U Second Chance von der Alten Hallig S. Höhne  
  Very well balanced head. Good width of muzzle. Gentle expression. Plenty of width of the front. Would prefer better lay of upperarm. High shoulder. Good spring of ribs. Good width ofl loin. Strong well muscled thighs. Would like more rear angulation but balances with the front. Very happy outgoing mover with good ground covering although she’s a bit wide in front. Prefer a bit shorter body. Good breed type.
3 U Victoria Glow von der Alten Hallig S. Höhne  
  Very feminin head. Gentle expression. Good muzzle. Nice tight throat. Would  prefer more bone. Well angulated front. A bit too heavy in body for a female. Really good thighs.strong back. Well angulated rear. Short strong hocks. Very good breed type. A bit aprehensive on the move. Covering the ground well. Lovely topline.
4 U Endless Love of Sarina’s Dream M. v.d. Meeren  
  Very balanced head and muzzle. Lovely eye shape and colour. Moderate lay of shoulder. Good ribs. Plenty of width and depth of body. Good rear angulation. Good tailset. Prefer more compact for a girl. Really sound strong movement.
ZG Blanche Neige du Mas Chanteclerc S. Verschoor  
  Very feminin girl with feminin head. Good stop. Nice tight throat. Good width to the front. Enough bone for size. Narow all the way through. Moderate shape to the rear. Good stong thigh. Sterady mover keeping a good topline.
ZG Zennah vom Seebensee Y. Kuijper  
  Lovely head. Good eye shape. Nice stop. Well formed muzzle. Prefer more bone. Really good spring of rib and strong thighs. Steady strong mover, keeps her topline. Needs to settle more.
ZG Black Delja’s Regina Reginella T. Riek  
  Strong head. Prefer less throat. Prefer better upperarm. High shoulders. Strong ribcage and loin. Well muscled thigh. Good tailset. Moves happily and uses her tail correctly. Holding her topline.
ZG Sweet Soulmate Sara de Wielekam H. Roelevink  
  Lovely head. Would prefer darker eye and darer pigment. Like her bodyshape. Good ribcage and loin. Strong well formed thighs. Well set tail. Would prefer strongerin back. Moved with strength and dermination from the back.
Teven Fokkersklas
1 U Wigglings the Ballroom Blitz M. van Guyse-Apers Res. CAC
  Good size bitch. Very balanced in head and muzzle. Nice stop. Soft gentle expression. Nice tight throat. Good front. Well layed upperarm and placed shoulder. Enough rib and good strong loin. Good rear angulation. Good tailset. Beautiful coat. Moves settled with good rear action. Good topline. Would prefer a tighter elbow. Lovely breed type.
2 U Amore of Sarina’s Dream M. v.d. Meeren  
  Very feminn head and soft gentle expression. Enough bone. Nice front assembly. Excellent spring of rib. Very balanced overall. Good loin. Good topline, kept on the move at all times. Nice tail set. Sound mover. Good breed type.
Teven Kampioenklas
1 U Our Own Olivia von der Rheinsalix E. Günnemann CAC/BOB, Clubwinnaar’24
  Feminin girl with intelligent eye. Excellent bone. Good feet. Love her overall type and shape. Excellent shape to the back end. Good thighs and very strong hocks. Lovely coat. Nicely presented. Lovely bitch. Sound and positive movement. Kept her topline. Moves with attitude. Carried her tail a bit high on the move, but this not distract.
2 U Nickel and Dimes Paint It Black G. van Empel  
  Feminin girl with a very strong front assembly. Very well boned. Shoulders okay. A little bit too much in rib. Good thighs. Strong hocks. Very well angulated. Beautiful coat. Very well presented. Strong powerful movement. Keeps her shape and topline on the move.
3 ZG Dan-L’s Foreign Affair H. Larsen  
  Very feminin head. Enough stop. Prefer slightly shorter muzzle for better balance in head. Plenty of forechest. Well placed shoulders. Good ribcage. Good width of loin. Well shaped rear end. Keeps a good topline and uses her tail well. Moves okay in front and unsteady in rear. Nice breed type.
Teven Veteranenklas
1 U Mon Amour of Sarina’s Dream M. v.d. Meeren  
  Very balanced head and muzzle. Nice stop. Enough bone and neat feet. Typical square body, well balanced. Prefer better upperarm and shoulderplacement. Front and rear matching. Good tailset. Moved sound with good reach and drive. A little soft in topline. Excellent breedtype.
2 ZG Kassie Karlijntje de Wielekam B. Paling  
  Very strong head, would prefer more feminin. Enough bone for a girl. Good feet. Rear angulation in balance with the front. Deep chest. Big ribs. Tremendous powerful thigh. Moved out very happily using her tail.
3 ZG Wundertüte vom Seebensee Y. Kuijper  
  Strong head with good stop and nice muzzle. Big ribs, good strong loin. Good tailset. Very happy mover, but diffcuolt to asses. Happy temperament.